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Posted Nov 8th, 2012

North Bay Movers

Tony and I never took the time to say how much we appreciated
the way you and your guys handled our move. We had a stressful
relationship with my new job, a flaky landlord and packing all in a
very short time. You and your crew were absolutely wonderful. Your
quote was right on, moving that huge hot tub went smoothly and they
put back together the gazebo that was held together by raggedy broken
screws like it had never been moved before. (They even put it back
together in the dark). What a great job!!! You and your crew were
awesome! Also, not even a scratch on the giant oversized furniture.
Thank-you so much.

Sorry it took so long to Thank-you. Sometimes time gets the upperhand.
Take care and hopefully we won’t need you for a long time, but if we
ever move again (or know somebody else that needs you) we will only
choose the best…Northbay Movers of course!


Tamia LaGrave

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North Bay Movers

North Bay Movers