Tips For Winter Moving in Northern California

Posted Dec 17th, 2020

Tips for Winter Moving

In the winter most people would rather spend their time at home. However, as it turns out if you happen to be in Northern California, winter is amongst one of the best times to move. For starters, it does not get as cold here during the winter than it does in other parts of the US. Even then, winter moving isn’t easy, and you need to prepare and plan for the challenges ahead.

While the temperatures during winter in California tend to be nice and comfy, you still have storms, rain and some other weather episodes each year. Below are a couple of tips which will help you move during winter whether you are moving yourself or using a moving company.

Watch out for Storms

Northern California is no stranger to major storms that while rare, can put a serious damper on your moving schedule. However, even though heavy rains make moving more difficult, North Bay Movers still provide services. Although it is good to keep an eye on the weather, North Bay Movers move year around through rain, sleet and snow.

Planning your day

Even in a place like Northern California where it does not get too cold people or the weather too severe. You still want to plan your day accordingly. Be aware of road closures, flooding and traffic. There are unforeseen issues that may occur the day of your move, but most always we accomplish the service. While we monitor these situations daily, it’s important that you are taking these into consideration for your move day as well.

Pack All Your Personal Belongings Well

Make sure that you pack everything so that it is waterproof. Northern California tends to receive its fair share of rain during winter, and you wouldn’t want that water ruining your stuff. Ideally, you’ll want to pack your boxes so they can be moved quickly.  

Furthermore, you will also want to keep your walkways clear of dirt and mud. That way you reduce the odds of dirt and mud being tracked inside and it reduces the opportunity for your mover to trip and fall.

Floor Protection

North Bay Movers will lay floor runners to help protect your floors. Doing this will reduce the odds of dirt and mud from getting tracked into the house during the move.

Turn on the Utilities

If its winter you certainly don’t want to move into a cold home. So, be sure to have the electricity turned on to the home so it can be warmed up ahead of moving into it.

Moving to Storage

If you are moving your belongings into storage North Bay Movers offers this service., Our storage facilities are warm and dry which ensures that your personal belongings are safe.




At North Bay Movers we’ve helped people move in all seasons for over 30 years. We can help you move no matter what the weather. North Bay Movers continues to be the premier moving company in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County. We ensure that we will make your transition as stress-free and as safe as possible.



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