Transportation Rates

North Bay Movers offers highly competitive transportation rates for all your moves in Santa Rosa and the greater Bay Area. Chances are we’ll outbid the competition, giving you the best price estimate for your move.

If you’re in the North Bay Area and need a professional, experienced, and cost-effective moving company, North Bay Movers is the best choice. With locations in both Santa Rosa and Lakeport, we’ve been serving Sonoma, Mendocino, and Lake County for decades.

When you hire us for your moving project, there is always at least one supervisor present. We like to do things right the first time, so mistakes are out of the question.

  • The regular rate for 1 truck with 2 movers is $140 per hour—$190 per hour for overtime.
  • The regular rate for 1 truck with 3 movers is $190 per hour—$250 per hour for overtime.
  • Each extra mover is $50 per hour $75 O/T. Fuel prices can vary, but we’ll always let you know in our estimate.
  • Local on Site evaluations are $100.00

Transportation Rates for Moving Services

Regular Time and Overtime

  • Reg $140 per hour for 1 Truck and 2 movers (4 hour minimum) “Truck used or not”
  • O/T $190 per hour for 1 Truck and 2 movers
  • Whs Handling $150.00 Minimum Charge
  • 10% Cancelation fee.

Fuel charges

Charges vary with fuel prices 15% as of today

Supervisors & Extra Movers

  • Always at least one supervisor present
  • $50 per hour for each extra mover $75 O/T

Applicable hourly rates are based on

Regular Time and Overtime

  • 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday
  • Outside of regular hours
  • Warehouse Labor is the same as above. Reg $140 per hour & O/T $190 per hour.
  • No Proration on Storage Fees.

Minimum Hourly Charge (4 hour minimum at this time)


  • Saturdays and Sundays are billed as overtime
  • North Bay Movers out-bids 99% of the competition in Northern California because of low overhead and high business volume.
  • Hourly rates vary for special needs.
  • Use our Online Estimate Form for a speedy cost analysis.
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