Things To Keep In Mind When Moving During COVID 19

Posted Jul 23rd, 2020

Moving during coronavirus has to happen. What you need to know.

Coronavirus brought our daily lives to a standstill. The whole world paused. We’ve been confined to our homes for months and maintain social distancing when possible to keep ourselves and families safe. While we’ve learned to adapt to our new temporary normal, we still have to go on with our daily lives. For some of us, this means working from home while essential industries such as moving services have to continue to move on. While we monitor the situation closely, we take the necessary steps to keep our team and your family safe while moving during COVID-19.

We understand even in trying times like this, there is still a need to move your home or business and we take measures to reduce contact and keep a safe distance.

Did you know, we were the first Sonoma County moving company to offer a free online quote through our website? For decades we’ve offered residents and businesses the opportunity to fill out an online form resulting in a fast, free & accurate moving quote. Our custom moving quote form has never been more important than now.

Our first priority is the health and safety of our customers. Be it any situation, we make sure our clients don’t face any difficulties while shifting to their new homes. Our experienced team makes the entire moving process easy, comfortable and less stressful. 

In addition to our online moving quote option, other precautions include proper sanitization of offices, screening of employees, specially trained workers for the pandemic episode, frequent use of sanitizer, masks and latex gloves.

In short, moving with North Bay Movers is safe and hassle-free.

Whether you choose to hire us or go with another moving company, here are some things to think about when moving during COVID-19

1] Online Moving Survey, Non-Contact

Moving is a personal business. However, during this time, we need to conduct a safe and no-touch environment. With that said, look for a company that can do an accurate online quote. We know you’re looking at multiple companies, lessen your exposure by using tools similar to our online moving quote that allows us to do a virtual walk through of your home to provide an accurate online moving quote.

2] Allow Only One Person To Take The Charge of The Move

If you have a family, we recommend having only one person at the home on the moving day in order to maintain the social distancing recommendations. Allow family members to take your kids and pets out of the home before your movers arrive and keep them until after the move is complete. This will lessen contact with anyone outside your immediate household.

3] Keep Hand Sanitizers, Soaps, Paper Towels, Disinfecting Wipes By Your Side

For everyone’s safety during the transition, keep all these necessary supplies with you. Remember to wash your hands frequently, use paper towels that are easily discarded and disinfect the most touchable surfaces like door handles, keys, vehicle doors etc. This will protect you and your moving team as well.

4] Ask Your Mover About Their Precautions

You can only do so much during your move to keep you and your family safe. Don’t be afraid to ask your mover what precautions they have taken to keep themselves and their customer safe. We’ve all had to adapt to this new normal, with a virus such as COVID-19 it’s in your best interest to ensure your moving company is taking precautions as well during this time.

5] Sanitize Your Home Before & After Your Move

Prior to your arrival, we recommend cleaning and disinfecting your new home. Once your items have arrived and your movers have left, clean and disinfect your items while putting them away. For this, follow the CDC guidelines and clean your new home well.

Here is what you can do :

  • Clean the most touchable areas like doorknobs, cabinets drawers, kitchen platform etc. using disinfecting wipes.
  • Clean the non-drying areas like mattresses and couches using disinfecting sprays.
  • Clean the floor using CDC recommendations
  • Clean your gadgets like mobile, laptop, TV, microwaves etc. using disinfecting wipes.
  • Also, clean your handbags, wallets, credit cards which are touched frequently during the move.


If you need to move during COVID-19, talk with your moving company. Make sure they’re taking appropriate steps to keep everyone safe. Moving is considered and essential service and we continue to move families and businesses safely every week. We take COVID-19 seriously, monitor the CDC and county guidelines closely.

For over 30 years North Bay Movers continues to be the premier moving company in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County. We ensure that we will make your transition as stress-free and as safe as possible.

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