Tips From A Santa Rosa Mover…Saving Money On Your Move.

Posted Oct 2nd, 2014

On a Budget? Save Money on Moving with some Easy Tips

People move for many reasons. Sometimes we’re lucky and we get to move to a nicer home or a nicer area. Sometimes we’re adventurous and we move to a whole new city or state. Sometimes we just have to get away from that landlord.

Many people move not because they want to but because they must. A new job takes you to a neighborhood you don’t know. School takes you farther away from your family. Eviction leaves you stranded, with no other options but to move.

Unfortunately, many people are not in the financial position to afford a professional moving company. North Bay Movers understands this. We would love to be able to help those in a tough situation move with ease, but the fact of the matter is that everyone has bills to pay.

If you need to move and you need to save as much money as possible doing so, read on for some helpful tips straight form the professionals.

The first and most important thing is to pack everything yourself. Find as many boxes, bags, and containers you can around the house and carefully and methodically pack them to the brim. The more you concentrate on packing correctly, the more space you will save and the less boxes you’ll end up having to move.

If you’re in need of boxes, don’t automatically go out to buy some. Call around to some local businesses. Office supply stores, bookstores, grocery stores, and restaurants may have perfectly suitable moving boxes that they’re willing to give away. Explain your situation, but remember to be brief; they’ve got a job to do!

Do similar things with packing materials, if you need them for fragile items. Find old newspapers and use towels and clothing, ask friends and neighbors for supplies like tape, and do whatever it takes not to buy anything from a store.

Your moving situation may be dire, but it can also be an opportunity to change things up. If you have extra items that seem to be cluttering up the house, why not sell them or donate them? The less you have to pack and move, the better (and the cheaper any professional mover will be). You may even make a bit of money if you organize a little yard sale.

Only once you’ve safely packed as much as you can move yourself should you call a professional mover.

If you’re in need of a moving company, North Bay Movers offers great prices for the residents of Santa Rosa and throughout the Bay Area.

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