Sonne Pederson

Posted Feb 5th, 2013

I have used North Bay Movers several times in past years and this past move was the best yet.
The moving process from first phone call to the arrival, assembly, and completion went so very well it was a bit overwhelming (in a good way).  David Noland, the owner, kept me informed, the moving crew called with information that they arrived, got the hospital bed and were on their way, and would call again when they got close to our house.  Upon arrival, we showed the crew our layout, and they surmised the best route to bring the bed in.  They moved our couch first, as that was the place the bed was to be set up.  The crew was very courteous, mannerly and nice.  They reassembled the hospital bed in no time at all, showed us how the controls worked, and answered any questions we had.  They refigured the total, as the entire move took less time, and that was great, as well.  It was one of the finest moves we ever experienced.
Movers were energetic, competent, patient and didn’t hit a wall or gouge any furniture. They worked well as a team and seemed to enjoy their job. They moved one truck of furniture and after loading it, moved another near truckload from the second floor to the main floor with not a hitch.
I am very pleased with the way David runs his company. Hopefully I will not be moving again for a long time, but he would be my first and only choice.
Sonne Perderson
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North Bay Movers

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