Santa Rosa Movers Moves Organs, Pianos, Hot Tubs, Gun Safes, Pool Tables

Posted Dec 24th, 2010

North Bay Movers Goes to Church!

Saint Eugene’s Cathedral

It’s one thing to be “Piano Movers” It’s another thing to be “Organ Movers” Especially when moving Organs as large as a forklift into a Churches loft!! North Bay Movers had a great article written in the Press Democrat over this incredible feat! Our five man team does it again!

North Bay Movers Best “Santa Rosa Moving Company” shows how it’s done!

See the “Slide show Here”

The Task at hand was to take a very large Organ down narrow walk ways and through a set of double doors that needed to be unmounted and remounted. The fork lift needed for this job barely fit in the Churches main worship area. Many details were worked out long before showing up to accomplish this! Renting the lift. Planning what tools and Equipment was needed to complete task, and of course bringing the proper qualified personnel to the job site! We enjoyed the challenge and have since accomplished many other moves like this one!

We are also considered  Hot Tub Movers, Pianos Movers, Pool Table Movers, and Gun Safe Movers, as these are just a few of the services we provide.

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