Moving Company Moves a Piece of Sonoma County History

Posted Jan 19th, 2011

North Bay Movers Moved a Piece of Sonoma County History the Week”

Many of you remember Biddulph Chevrolet. This dealership was a Santa Rosa icon for nearly two decades. Barry and Vicki Biddulph were the owners of this dealership and  used North Bay Movers two times over the last 18 years for their moving needs!

This week the two are moving within the Santa Rosa location and they of course “once again” call North Bay Movers for their relocation needs. This was a three day job. Moving over a 5,000 square foot home is no easy task. North Bay Movers assembled a 7 Man Crew and Packed, Loaded, and Delivered their entire home!

Barry and Vicki Biddulph used North Bay Movers very Popular FREE QUOTE FORM and were very happy with the results. To help dial in Barry and Vicki’s last minute moving needs, David Noland (the owner of North Bay Movers) came to their home on two different occasions. Once to look over the item list given and the other to bring our lead supervisor out to the job site and give an extra confidence to the Biddulphs.

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