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Posted Feb 22nd, 2012


Hello my name is David Noland. I own and operate North Bay Movers.

I started moving furniture at 17 years of age. I worked as a helper for four years and became a Driver. Drivers professionally pack homes and load furnishing in such a way they are not damaged while being transported. Drivers must direct employees, handle paperwork, and handle customers with personal care each day. Their skills do not stop there. They must be able to Drive large trucks into tight areas. They are able to estimate each shipment to fit tightly into their moving trucks. Most Drivers have class B or class A drivers licenses. They are able to inventory a shipment, Load it, and bring it into Storage.

Once I had become an accomplished Driver I then became a contractor working for many different Moving Van Lines agencies. After many years of operating two trucks and directing several employees I became a business owner and created North Bay Movers.


North Bay Movers has been operating for 22 years and now is considered the number one moving company in Northern California. I have personally trained our Drivers and Helpers to be the best they can be. Our teams are uniformed and are paid good wages to present the customer with a total feeling of confidence.

North Bay Movers Web Site has a wealth of information that will help the customer find answers to their questions. We provide Photos and Videos that show our teams in action.

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Owner of North Bay Movers

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