Sonoma County Moving Review, Why North Bay Mover Rated The Best Mover

Posted Apr 23rd, 2012

This is to give a great shout out to North Bay Movers their Crew. Tracy Faustino and his excellent crew, Ramon, Richard and Sal, who moved me two weeks ago from Emeryville to Santa Rosa. The gang arrived on Day One at 9:00 am to do the packing up (Tracy said he never knew anyone who was able to pack more Stuff into closets than I).  This included a great deal of fine china and other things that needed very careful handling. They were finished packing in about five hours.  On Day Two I met everyone at 8:00 am in Santa Rosa.  They were finished unloading one set of furniture and boxes in a couple of hours and then took the remainder to a second location for further unloading.  When I finally got around to unpacking some of the really breakable things, I was impressed how thoroughly everything had been wrapped and cushioned–even a cruet that I had forgotten to empty had been so well sealed that not a drop of vinegar escaped. Throughout it all everyone maintained a sense of humor and patience that went a long way to making my experience the success it was.

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What a crew!  Thanks guys!!
Joan Bossart

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