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Posted May 24th, 2011

Where Can I go in Northern California to get the Best Referral for Movers?



North Bay Movers Blog has turned out to be the greatest one Stop Shop in getting a Professionally Licensed Mover to provide the public with an incredible array of information and tools!

So What Is All The Talk About?

  1. First and foremost our Free Quote form has been truly inspirational for those who need quick responses to their questions regarding costs for their move. Our Free Quote page has helped thousands of customers obtain an accurate estimate in one hour after they inquire from an actual personalized professional mover who looks over their individual effort filling out our form. Saving days sometimes weeks in getting cost info!!
  2. Secondly our Video Library is one of a kind as it shows our personnel utilizing an expertise not often seen in the industry.
  3. Thirdly our Slide Show is the first of it’s kind in Northern California. Here we proudly display an intimate side of our company since 1992 .
  4. Fourthly a very important part of our site is our customers feed back!! Testimonials All of our testimonials our directly from our customers. They are all original and not edited. We love to get them and proudly display them!!
  5. Fifthly what makes North Bay Movers separate and far above our competition is our ability to move anything! Specialty Items We are proud to say nothing is too big or small, too delicate or brutal, too odd or difficult for North Bay Movers to move!!
  6. Lastly OUR SERVICE ROCKS. The expertise is not all that is needed to make a great move. Personalities that show patience and understanding is as much a necessity as the moving skills themselves. Give us a shout and find out why everyone is talking about:
  7. North Bay Movers!


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