Commercial Refrigerator Movers in Santa Rosa

Posted Mar 13th, 2014

North Bay Movers were fantastic! They moved a large two-door commercial refrigerator for me from one building to another building. It was a tricky move–tight fit, tight corners–but they were brilliant at it. Since I’d just moved the refrigerator six months before, I’ was in a good position to notice the difference between the two moving experiences. With bad movers–like the company who moved it the first time–I was constantly worried that something was going to get broken or someone was going to get hurt. Not so with North Bay Movers, who are consummate professionals. I had total confidence that David and his team were moving things carefully and well so I could just relax. Plus they were clean, super-friendly, and had great attitudes. I know who I’m going to hire next time I have anything to move:

North Bay Movers!


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North Bay Movers

North Bay Movers