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Posted Sep 22nd, 2015

As we are at the tail end of what has been a very difficult move for us, trying to move into a place a third the size of what we are used to, my thoughts wander over all the amazing blessings of God, who has been holding my hand through this entire mess.  Of all the amazing things God has orchestrated for us, you, your company and the team you sent to move us are by far one of our greatest blessings. Raul and I can’t stop singing your praises to anyone who will listen, especially our friends up in the North Bay Movers Area.
Jesse and Javier never wavered in their positive attitude which started the moment they walked in the door of our So.Cal home to the very end of unloading into our storage unit and rental home. Their high energy kept Raul and I going to keep up the entire time. They never wavered in their work. They went above and beyond in responding to any challenge they were presented with. Javier was amazing in his ability to fit everything in the trucks and the storage unit. Doug who joined them on Sunday was equal to the task both in attitude and energy. Through it all nothing was damaged and they were exceedingly careful not to damage our old home and our new home.
Raul flew down today to pick up his car and after he gets back he will be posting to your site about what a wonderful job your company and crew did for us. In the meantime I wanted to let you know in this email how grateful we are. I’m known for my banana bread in Southern California so the first loaf to come out of our oven has NBM’s name on it. (I have to wait on the bananas) I’m looking forward to meeting you soon. As for Jesse and Javier they will always have a soft spot in my heart.
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God bless
Peggy Reynoso
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