Tips For Packing Your Items For A Mover

Posted Jan 5th, 2018

Packing Correctly Will Save The Moving Company Time & You Money

Moving is a daunting task, it’s not just about moving from one place to another rather packing each item safely and getting everything to the new house before unpacking and settling in. Once you’re unpacked in your new home, the next phase of decorating and finding a place for everything can take months. When it comes to moving, take consideration of your everyday belongings is very important. You don’t want your precious or fragile things to be damaged. For this purpose, you should follow the tips below for packing your items for a mover. By following these tips you’ll allow your moving company to be as efficient as possibly. Cutting down the cost of your move as well as speeding up the process of moving from your old house to new.

Here are some points that you should consider.

  1. Get rid of everything excess:

When you are living in a house for many years, there are a number of things that you have accumulated over time. Among those things, to be honest, is a bunch of junk that you don’t really need but have been saving for let’s say “it will be used someday”. When you’re moving to a new house, especially when the house is smaller than your current house, then you should definitely get rid of the things that you don’t need. To do so, you can look to sites like Craigslist to sell or give away for free. Also, you can schedule a free donation so that the people who need these items can make the use of it plus you have the tax benefit of a write off. Moreover, selling your unwanted things can often pay a large portion of your moving expenses.

  1. Organize:

Your items should be properly organized if you want you’re moving to be as quickly as possible. A great tip here is to label boxes with items of each room, this will help you in recognizing that which item will go to which room. It will also save your time in getting the new house organized. Moreover, you don’t have to open the boxes that you don’t need at the initial stage and you can keep it for the later use, as the whole moving is a daunting task, help yourself by helping your movers.

  1. Protect fragile items:

When you are packing fragile items, don’t forget to mark FRAGILE on the box so that anyone who is helping you in the moving will be cleared that these items should be protected. You can make the use of newspapers to wrap each fragile thing so that it does not coincide with other items and break right away. The newspaper will provide a resistance between each item.

  1. DO NOT over pack:

A key to packing is that you don’t have to over pack anything. We know you often try to keep items in as few boxes as you can to save the costs or the hard work of carrying may boxes. However, doing so can cause you more harm as over packing may lead to broken items. It also may cause the boxes to lose their strength and split while you are in the middle of your journey.

  1. Be on time:

You have to be on time when it comes to packing. You’re moving company will arrive at a specified time, it is better that you have packed everything before they show up so they can get right to work. Remember, you hired a moving company for a reason. They are the experts if efficiently packing their truck(s), if you’re not completed with your packing, often times they are waiting on you which will cost you more money.

  1. DO NOT pack valuables:

Moving, sometimes leads to losing or forgetting of your essential valuables. Therefore, it is always advised that you do not pack your valuables for your moving company. Rather, keep your valued items with yourself this may include your computer, money, jewelry, cash, medications and anything you need that day or the next. You may need any of these in the journey, therefore keep them unpacked with yourself so that you know exactly where they are and you can make use of them anytime you need.

  1. Pack heavy items in small boxes:

Heavy items like electronics or some décor pieces should be packed in small boxes so that each box contains only that item and there is no fear of getting it damaged. Also, it will be easier to lift and fit these items into smaller places within the moving truck.

  1. Pack liquids with plastic wrap:

You don’t want to let your liquids spill over each other, for this purpose always pack your liquids with a plastic wrap. You can open the lids, cover the bottles with the plastic wrap and then replace the lids. This will help you in preventing leaks if items get tipped over.

  1. Use fabrics for packing materials:

You can take help from towels, small clothing or linens to fill the boxes so that the items do not shift inside the boxes and are tightly put together. These turn out to be great box fillers and save your items as well as money. Fragile items can also be packed with linens.

  1. What should you pack first?

You should start from the least used area and then turn to the most used ones. This will help you in getting those things packed first that you won’t be needing in the upcoming days. The guestrooms or storage should be packed first then at the end you should move to kitchens and bathrooms. Also when you are packing, first pack one room completely then move to another. This will maximize your time when unpacking because you can focus on one room at a time while your moving company continues onto the next room.

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